Something to think about with Rev. Ian McLachlan: Get involved in your faith

For those people who enjoy watching sport on television, the last few weeks must have been wonderful, what with all the Euro 2016 Football games and Wimbledon Tennis matches.

These big sporting events also tend to draw in some people who usually do not watch a great deal of sport on television. Sport is an activity that some people enjoy watching rather more than participating in. Why is that?

Is it because we enjoy seeing people doing something that they are very good at; and when they do well, we like celebrating their success. On the other hand, sometimes spectators can be rather critical and are apt to make some less than favourable comments, if their chosen team or champion does not do as well as they think.

However sometimes watching as a spectator first, can inspire you to take up that sport yourself. If you do, most people realise that if they want to be good at any sport then they have to keep practising.

People can dream that they might one day become the next Wimbledon champion, but for it to actually happen, then they would need to put in the hours first. Watching other people working hard is of course obviously far easier than putting in the hard work yourself.

There are some who are prepared to work at their faith – attending worship regularly; by reading their Holy books; encouraging people to join with them; by praying regularly; and by making an effort to put into practice their faith’s moral teachings. However there are others who sadly do not get as involved in their faith as they perhaps could do – seeing it as something that they just see other people doing.