Stories of Resurrection show that with Him things get better

The gospels mention many occasions when Jesus met up with people after his resurrection on Easter morning.

For me one of the most interesting ones is when Jesus joined two followers who were on their way to Emmaus.

They were upset and Jesus asked them what was troubling them.

They did not recognise Jesus and were surprised by his reaction, as they felt that everyone would have known why they were so sad.

They told their fellow traveller about Jesus and about all the hopes they had had for him which were crushed when he ended up being crucified.

They also mentioned that they had been told that Jesus was alive – but nobody had seen him.

Jesus in return explained to them what the Old Testament had to say about Himself.

At the end of their journey they invited the stranger to have a meal with them.

It was only when He broke bread with them, that they realised that it was Jesus. Once they had recognised him, He left them, and they rushed back to Jerusalem to tell the eleven disciples their story.

In many ways it is a rather a surprising incident.

Why had they not recognised Jesus immediately? Was it because He looked slightly different after the Resurrection? Or was it because they were too caught up in their own disappointment to recognise Jesus?

Or was it because they felt that things had gone so wrong that there was not a chance for there to be a happy ending to the Jesus story?

This incident though shows that Jesus can be encountered in the most surprising of situations.

We do not always recognise his presence.

It also shows that even when things can seem very bleak, with His help, things can get better.