Strange coincidence in ancestry search

Maybole postman Peter Milligan is pictured second from left.
Maybole postman Peter Milligan is pictured second from left.
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Worcestershire man Robert Beard is appealing for help from the Maybole community to find out more about his grandmother who was raised in the town.

Mr Beard’s mother was Janet Holligan Beard (nee Bullen) and his grandmother was Isabella Milligan, who was born in 1894 and raised in Maybole.

Robert, from Redditch, is currently researching her ancestry for the benefit of his grandson but has found some confusing details and he is looking for any help he can get locally.

“I have always known her to be a Holligan,” he added, “but research shows that she may have been a Milligan, the daughter of James 1861-1933 and Margaret Milligan 1863-1933.

“The 1910 census shows my grandmother as living with Thomas 1864-1940 and Janet Holligan 1865. The census records her as being the daughter of Thomas and Janet Holligan but names her as Isabella Milligan. All very confusing.

“As a child I visited Maybole with my mother and at that time, as I recall, Myra Holligan was working as a Redcoat at Butlin’s Heads of Ayr Holiday Camp. I also seem to remember that there was a wee Davey and a big Davey. I think that we may have stayed at 25 John Knox Street but cannot be certain.

“I would be most grateful for any information you may be able to give me about my grandmother — good or bad. I know that she went to Canada where my mother was born in Toronto. Alas, after much searching I cannot find any records to substantiate what I know to be true.

“I would be very grateful for any information that you may be able offer me and thank you in advance and enclose a stamped addressed envelope for your use.”

By a strange coincidence, local website, received an email from a Charles Milligan!

He wrote, “My Grandfather is Peter Milligan, husband of Isobella, and he was the Postman living at the Post Office in Maybole pre and post WW1.”

So if anyone knows anything about either of these two Milligans, please let us know here at the Gazette.