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Two hands in the air

I really must reply to the letters of Messrs Oattes and Salisman. Mr Oattes states in his letter “it is unfortunate, but wrong that Mr Stirling had to resort to contacting Sandra Osborne MP”. Can Mr Oattes tell me, why it is wrong to exercise my democratic right in contacting my MP?

Mr Oattes (SNP), Mr Clark (IND), Mr McDowall (LAB) and Mr McIntosh (CON), as well as other council heads of departments knew of my concerns regarding the A714. To Mr Oattes credit he has been the only one who has responded to my concerns, but still nothing was done.

Mr Salisman makes the very valid point about the elements involved in closing a road for five days. I would ask any member of SAC to explain why there were no public notices in the Carrick Gazette nor in any community notice boards in the village.

I totally agree the majority of accidents are caused by driver error and a road is just sitting there.

I don’t know exactly how many accidents there has been on this road as people who inadvertently skid on this part of the road don’t report it to the police.

I do know on 12th March when I was stopped by the police, following another vehicle going down the embankment, the police officer stated someone was going to be killed before long “ if something is not done about this road”.

If it is only driver error and nothing to do with the road why did SAC have ‘skid’ signs up at either side of this road for months and close it for five days to resurface it and bring in machinery from N. Ireland in an attempt to resolve the problem.

Strange indeed.

I disagree with Mr Salisman’s assertion that I am “attempting to make political gains out of car owners” on the contrary, I am one of the car owners he talks about having damaged my own car by the potholes on the A714.

This is why I brought this issue to the attention of the relevant authorities in the first place.

I can assure Mr Salisman I am no way that clever to get involved in the politics of this matter.

This on my part has never been political.

I, and I would think most people who are not particularly political, care who is running SAC, as long as they are addressing the issues raised by the good people who elected them into office.

As I said in my last letter all I have ever wanted was my concerns on this road addressed and I am happy work has started to this end.

Bill Stirling,


A714 road is just not fit for purpose

When the morning school bus toppled into the river Stinchar near Daljarrock in the late sixties it was fortunate that the water was low and that the youngsters had rubber bones.

Afterwards, the local roadman agreed that we needed a steel barrier erected at that point on the A714 Pinwherry to Girvan road but he pointed out that a barrier was required to have three feet of ground beyond it on the faraway side from the road, and that since there was no ground there could be no barrier.

However, a steel barrier was indeed cleverly erected so apparently it can be done.

It has guided the traffic safely past that danger spot for 40 years and more now.

Several stretches of the A714 urgently need the same treatment - one of them being the precise point where three different cars have left the road recently.

An extension to the existing barrier would have prevented this, and has long been requested several times by local people at certainly one public meeting and also community council meetings.

I personally suspect that the resurfacing alone will not prevent the same type of incident recurring and so we must also have the barrier at Ash Cottage and extended down to the railway bridge.

Someone has said that the A714 between Girvan and Barrhill is ‘not fit for purpose’ and this is just so true.

I understand that we must keep salvaging it as long as possible, perhaps especially where it is most dangerous, that is on the stretches where the roadside verge is absent and the crumbling earth falls steeply away from the very edge of the tarmac into the abyss – the river or the railway line.

It really does seem like a government issue.

It is big and it is serious

Ruth Murray

Council are failing

The state of the B734 road near Pinmore Mains farm is simply a disgrace.

We simply seem to be forgotten by the council time and again and are always last on the list.

There must be around 20 potholes on the road and this situation has gone on for several months and frankly it is pathetic.

The council turned down a wind turbine at the farm and stated that one of their reasons was because it would impact on the tourism on the area.

Well let me say this to the council. There won’t be any tourists coming to this area because the roads are so bad. Tourist buses simply wouldn’t be able to get round the bad hairpin bend which nothing is done about.

It’s time the relevant parties got together to fix this.

Alec Wright


Well done to musical society

Well done once again to Girvan Musical Society, for a highly amusing and up to the moment show in ‘Acorn Antiques’.

Much more a comedy this time round and everyone was superb in all of their starring roles. I didn’t recognise Margaret straight away, what a transformation…..

I hope she has recovered from her, manchurian accent, ‘tea tray’ arms, managed to straighten up and wow those varicose veins certainly stood out in my memory!

Loved the ‘pitifuls’ and all the shop owners, especially when they changed to suit their new shops.

Mr Clifford how could he ever forget to be engaged to Miss Berta.

The living will sketch where they find out there are three sisters not two as a real laugh, really jangled their charm bracelets too.

Set design, everyone doing their bit, choreography, lighting, sound and loads of action, sorry acting, all key ingredients for a great show and we weren’t disappointed.

A great night/week of entertainment and you are all very much appreciated.

Not forgetting the background people too, ladies selling raffles/refreshments/backstage and all other areas that I may have missed and to all the Patrons who support the group too.

Roll on next year for the next offering.

Shirley McBride