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Swimming Pool

Is Girvan’s money safe?

Anyone familiar with the magazine Private Eye, will recognise the term “ Eye told you so”.

In 2013, I wrote to the Gazette saying “ You can get a super pool for £5M, we have £4M waiting, lets start”

This letter was ridiculed by one of our local councillors. We should not think too badly of him, 40 odd years of banging through pot holes on the Pinwherry road is bound to scramble your ball joints a wee bit.

I am delighted that Mr Sinclair and his committee appear to be making some progress.

Beware of councillors claiming credit. I have said this before “ If you have a child 5 years old on the day they pull down our old pool, you will have a teenager, before they dip a toe in a new pool in Girvan”, by latest estimates your 5 year old will be 13. Spare a thought for our senior citizens, who used to use the pool every morning, to try and keep fit and healthy, keep joints flexible and supple, so that they might have reasonable mobility, into their retirement years .

How many of these are now in wheel chairs or mobility scooters? This is the scandal of this council,and Girvan swimming pool.

It has been reported that 100 shops have closed in Ayr town centre, first time ever, that shop closures have reached three figures. There are 30 councillors on South Carrick council, 15 of them represent Ayr wards, add to that Prestwick and Troon, gives you 23.

Girvan is represented by 3 councillors. When push comes to shove, how safe do you think the promised £4 million is?

Henry McEvoy


Funding Appeal

Nasa Trip

My name is James Cassidy and I’m currently a fifth year student at Girvan Academy. I’ve been selected to attend the united space school ran by NASA in Texas. Only 45 students from around the world get selected each year for this. I need to raise £750 for travelling expenses etc and any donations by individuals/companies would be greatly appreciated by myself and would help me attend this incredible opportunity.

James Cassidy

21 Maxwell Street, Girvan

Sport Activity

Girvan deserves better

I’ve just read this weeks paper and was interested to see that SAC are rolling out a Commonwealth Themed Easter Sports programme right across South Ayrshire... Here is hoping that our Commonwealth athletes roll out harder than our council as the programme seems to stop at Maybole. The only exception to this is three sessions scheduled for Girvan Academy one of them tennis training is for 16+ and the other two sessions are for 5-7 and 8-12 year olds.

The fact that the council saw fit to circulate their 16 page colourful brochure to all local primaries is simply adding salt to the wound.

The matter of the booklet and offered ‘limited activities’ has already generated a lot of negative facebook comments from parents.

Another two points which have been highlighted is the fact that Girvan Golf Course and our brand new tennis courts have been omitted from the glossy brochure venue list. Why aren’t these two council owned venues being used ?

Bill Logan