The chase is on for this all rounder

Bradley Walsh – recently nominated for a National Television Award for his role in Law and Order UK – has in his time been successful in many roles - footballer, presenter, comedian, actor and question master.

Perhaps his most famous role though is as the question master in the popular ITV show The Chase – screened each weekday at five o’clock.

In each edition, a team of four contestants each get an opportunity to face one of the four Chasers – people who have phenomenal general knowledge.

But to begin with each team member is given a series of general knowledge questions, and based on how well he/she does, the Chaser of the day decides how much he/she is willing to give the contestant if the contestant begins his/her race home on a step nearer or further away from the Chaser.

If the contestant is able to get home before being caught by the Chaser - who starts a few steps behind the contestant - the agreed amount of money is put into the bank. Both Chaser and contestant are given the same questions which have three possible answers to them.

If the contestant and Chaser get the question right, then they both move nearer the exit. If however the Chaser’s answer is correct and the contestant’s is wrong, then the Chaser goes one step nearer his/her opponent. If the Chaser lands on his/her opponent’s step then that contestant leaves the show.

The survivors, working as a team, are then asked questions. The Chaser is given different questions and as before, if the Chaser answers correctly the same number as the contestants, then the contestants lose all their banked money. If you start watching – you want to watch to the end!

Ian K