The chase is on this Sunday

Now that the autumn season has begun, the two popular quiz shows – Pointless and the Chase are once again scheduled opposite each other in the five o’clock to six o’clock time slot during the week.

Many popular quiz shows that use members of the public for their usual shows often have celebrity specials where the same format is used except any money won goes to charity rather than to the contestants themselves. Pointless Celebrities has been scheduled quite regularly during the summer months and now the celebrity version of The Chase returns for eight episodes this Sunday at seven o’clock on ITV. As in a usual game of The Chase, there are four contestants who each in turn have to answer some questions. Then judging on how well or poorly they answer these questions, the Chaser for that edition then has to decide how much or how little money to offer them if they manage to answer a certain number of multiple choice questions correctly. If they answer some of these questions wrongly and the Chaser answers them correctly then that member leaves the team. The surviving members then work together as a team to answer as many questions correctly as possible within two minutes. If the Chaser can answer the same number of right answers in the two minutes than the team has done, then the Chaser wins. If not the team wins. In the Celebrity edition it will be interesting to see how good at answering questions each of the celebrities are. In this first edition the four celebrities who try not to be caught by the Chaser are: Colin Baker, the sixth Doctor Who; actress Chelsee Healey; Paralympian David Weir; and comedian Alex Horne. As usual Bradley Walsh will be hosting the game in his own amusing way.

Ian K