The fun of keeping chickens

The fun of keeping chickens in your backyard is top of the agenda for a talk in Ayr next week.

For all who’d love to know more about keeping our feathered egg-laying friends the talk is on Tuesday 28 April at the Horizon Hotel, Ayr from 7:30pm.

Visitors will be part of a huge growth in interest in keeping chickens which has seen the numbers of people keeping hens rise to around half a million in the UK.

Caroline Robinson, Vetinary Investigating Officer for SAC Consulting deliver the talk, splitting it between chicken health and also sheep health.

She is coming at the invitation of the Scottish Smallholders Association, a group based around Ayrshire open to anyone interested in growing or producing their own food.

The event is free and paid for by SAC and all are welcome. Find out more on or facebook:Scottish snallholder association.