The Lie takes on Monday night soaps

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For many TV viewers Monday night is very much a night for watching ‘the soaps’.

They can begin by watching Emmerdale at 7p.m. and follow that with Coronation Street’s first episode of the evening.

Eastenders can be viewed at eight o’clock on BBC 1 and then they can return to ITV for another episode of Coronation Street. ITV would of course prefer it if viewers stayed with their channel without the switchover to Eastenders. But what could they put on at eight o’clock to tempt people to stay with their channel?

This coming Monday STV will be screening their own programme in this slot. It is a new show called The Lie and it is due to remain there for the next six weeks. Unlike some of the programmes which have occupied that timeslot in recent times, it is a quiz programme and it has had quite a few trailers devoted to it recently. For some time now quiz shows in prime time had been mainly featuring celebrities so it was good to see that the STV produced Catchphrase returned last year with (mainly) viewers as contestants.

This show also has viewers taking part, competing for a valuable cash prize. To win, the contestants have to correctly decide which of a series of statements is the lie.

These statements are about a number of different topics, and as the show progresses it gets more difficult to work out which one is ‘the lie.’ The contestants also have to ‘bank’ their winnings at the right time. The show is hosted by comedian Susan Calman and is very much the kind of quiz show that people will enjoy playing at home. But whether or not it manages to encourage enough viewers to stay away from Eastenders remains to be seen!