The return of Jonathan Creek

Alan Davies returns as Jonanthan Creek.
Alan Davies returns as Jonanthan Creek.

It was almost exactly ten years ago that the popular detective series Jonathan Creek ended its fourth season.

This Friday at nine o’clock the programme returns. Of course it has not been entirely absent from our screens in the intervening years.

There was a Christmas Special and two Easter Specials made, as well as numerous repeats on the satellite channels.

Unfortunately this fifth season will only have three episodes in it, exactly the same number as was afforded to the recent series of Sherlock. However unlike Sherlock and the Creek specials these episodes are only an hour in length.

It is likely that in this first episode in particular, there are a few things in it which fans of Sherlock Holmes will particularly enjoy. This week’s episode – The Letters of Septimus Noone – is a ‘locked room mystery’ concerning a musical theatrical production of ‘a locked room mystery’.

Confused? You may be and this episode features a character called Ridley (Keiran Hodgson) who thinks he has solved the mystery but gets it all wrong – in the same way that some viewers do when they confidently announce who-dun-it only to discover that they have missed out on some of the vital clues.

As this new set of episodes are written as usual by creator David Renwick – there will be laughs in amongst the thrills. When Jonathan (Alan Davies) first appeared on our screens in 1997 wearing his duffle coat, he lived in a windmill and devised illusions for stage magician Adam Klaus.

These days the important lady in Jonathan’s life is his wife Polly (Sarah Alexander), and as well as dealing with the mystery at the theatre, the Creeks have their own issues to sort out as well.

Ian K