The story of the stranger at Emmaus - Rev. Ian McLachlan

Easter is the festival which celebrates Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. There are several resurrection appearances mentioned in the gospels. In one of them, two disciples were going to Emmaus.

They were joined on their journey by a stranger who asked them what they were talking about. They were surprised and wondered if he was the only visitor to Jerusalem. They went on to talk about Jesus - the wonderful person whom they had hoped would have set Israel free. But sadly he was put to death. However when some of their group went to his tomb on the Sunday morning they found it empty and were told that Jesus was alive. The stranger felt that they were rather slow to understand that it was necessary for the Messiah to suffer in the way that he had.

When the disciples reached Emmaus they asked the stranger to come and stay with them as it was late. He agreed to. When he broke bread with them they suddenly realised who he was. The stranger was Jesus. Then he was gone. The incident shows that many of Jesus’ followers did not understand that for Jesus to do what he had come to do, meant that he had to suffer and die for his people. Just as these disciples discovered He was not a stranger after all, hopefully some people might discover the same thing to-day.