The Wayfarer - Back to days of the semaphore

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Thinking about life you appreciate that in these days the media whether it be radio, television or the press keep us all reliably informed of what is happening around the world and for our sins we have to put up with all the various interpretations put on it by the different pundits.

Away back in the early years there were travellers who passed on news to each village, town etc. that they passed through and these in turn were passed on. Now just stop for a minute and think about that, as no doubt with telling of each tale a certain amount of enhancement took place which could of course have made the tale a little bit more interesting than the current news items, but you can now appreciate how some unbelievable tales came into being. Today the world seems a terrible place to live in with all these mass killings going on and you think this is due to modern times. All sorts of killings were happening throughout the centuries but we never got to hear of them and in any case something taking place in a different country was hardly likely to affect us or be of interest to us.

Well all that has changed nowadays unfortunately, with the only thing that seems to interest the media are the bad things, very rarely do you find something cheery to read about or listen to. There is one Sunday newspaper that always has its front page spread with some terrible disaster, in some cases it is an unfortunate problem that someone is facing and of little interest to the many readers. However the paper thinks that it will make readers want to read about other persons’ misfortunes.

The fact that Brexit won the referendum unexpectedly did wonders for the media who spent hours and days digesting this fact and putting a mass of various interpretations on it. The only thing that stopped them was the Chilcott report and that gave wave to another mass of various interpretations.

Mobile phones, I-pads and a lot of other similar inventions keep us up to date and provide us with a lot of information which previously we did not seem to need. Sometimes it seems that it would be better to go back to the past when it was on a need to know basis that we were informed. Remember the days of Nelson when news of his great victory at Trafalgar was dispatched to London via large semaphore posts on top of the hills. That was considered very advanced in those days and that was not so long ago. Well think about it and consider whether all this modern technology is worth it. But perhaps my concern is a sign that I am getting old.