This week’s letters - 5th March 2014

Council slated

Time for change

The Accounts Commission has confirmed that South Ayrshire Council is being managed by a bunch of headless chickens.

Looking at the state of dilapidation in our urban and rural communities, the Commission’s words are hardly a surprise.

What we need is a new set of councillors with a vision to satisfy the needs of our long suffering people. We also need a new set of senior officers with the determination and skills required to ensure that visions are met.

We cannot rely on those who have already failed. People with honour would immediately resign when faced with such damning criticism. Perhaps we should follow the example of the people of Ukraine, we have the comfort of knowing that our oppressors cannot use the violence they received.

Andy McAdam

Ayrshire Green Party,Culzean Road, Maybole

Bad attitudes

Traders won’t deliver

Having given years of faithful service our old washing machine finally decided it could take no more; we needed a new machine.

A couple of hours research into consumer reviews, prices, etc, on the internet made up our minds about the make and model we wanted to purchase. Although offered a good discount, extended warranty and free delivery we decided it would be the right thing to support Girvan by buying locally: one very brief phone call to our local shop was enough to scupper our good intentions. The shop assistant asked first if we were local and when I said ‘yes, Pinwherry’, was told that ‘sorry, we only deliver to the edge of Girvan’!

So, a local who was prepared to pay over the odds, forfeit an extended warranty and free delivery had, approximately, £300 of their money refused. It really speaks volumes about this town’s trading attitudes.

It’s regrettable but our new machine has been ordered online and should be with us in a couple of days.

Frank Bean

Otter Cottage, Pinwherry


Dispelling the myth

Research by Action for Children and New Family Social has revealed that one in two gay people in Scotland believe they cannot foster or adopt. We are writing to you to dispel this myth, so that safe homes can be found for vulnerable children in Ayrshire.

Right now there are more than 16,200 children in care in Scotland - but if just one per cent of the LGBT community chose to adopt or foster, this could plug the gap and ensure every child has a place to call home.

We believe that being a good parent has nothing to do with being gay or straight. Action for Children runs fostering services and works with all kinds of people to help fulfil the dreams of children who simply want to have loving families.

To mark the launch of New Family Social’s LGBT Adoption and Fostering Week (3-9 March), we are encouraging gay people from Ayrshire to find out more about fostering and adopting with Action for Children. If you think you have what it takes, please contact us by phone (0141 331 0584) or email (, or visit or

Carol Iddon,

director of children’s services, Action for Children

Tor Docherty,

director of New Family Social