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How large would Eck’s defence force have to be?

Your correspondent re Russian submarine incursion is very mistaken on a number of counts. The nearest warships to the Clyde are not at Portsmoth but at Faslane.

Submarines frequently move unseen up and down the Clyde estuary. One of the tasks of the Royal Navy is to keep tabs on all potential hostile vessels and they are very good at it.

The best unit to combat a nuclear submarine is another nuclear submarine. This stranger may well have been accompanied by one of ours, well within killing distance, neither they nor we will ever know!

All this begs the question - what would we be defended by if Mr Salmond got his way?

How large would an EDF (Eck Defence Force) have to be to provide us with the level of security which we currently enjoy, and how much would this cost the Scottish taxpayer?

P. M. Barber Girvan

Letters don’t help debate

Regardless of one’s position on the future of Scotland, letters such as Mr Jeal’s (in last week’s Gazette) do nothing to inform the debate. It is based on unreliable media sources and contains a number of factual inaccuracies.

It was a Russian surface vessel that sailed into the Moray Firth not a submarine. Consider for a moment the practicalities of tweeting from a submarine and also the threat a submarine poses if its position is known. Revealing the position of a submarine is more of a danger to its crew than to anyone else and in practise very few crew members actually know the position of their vessel.

It is true that HMS Defender was sent from Portsmouth but the Russian vessel was also being observed by the RAF and who’s to say whether or not a British submarine was also present in the area. The Royal Navy’s response was proportionate given that the Russian vessel did not apparently enter UK territorial waters.

The suggestion that the vessel posed any sort of threat is naive hysteria. And the independence debate can do without that.

Roy Walter

via email

Thank you

Farmers Market

Ballantrae Community Council and Development Group would like to thank

everyone who supported the Farmers’ Market held at Craigie Mains this Sunday. The lucky winner of the ‘Taste of Ayrshire” hamper raffle was Jan Taylor from Straiton.

We look forward to welcoming you to the next market, at the same venue, on 15thJune, when the wind might have dropped!

M L McKenna

On behalf of BCC and BDG


Heaven or hell for drivers

The Alliance of British Drivers (ABD) has invited the public to give their opinions on the way local councils create heaven or hell for drivers. To encourage responses, the ABD is launching a prize competition – “Does Your Council Give You the Hump?”. For more about the competition and our new video, please visit and scroll down. Nominations close on 31st August 2014.

Ian Taylor,

Director, ABD