Thought for the week

On Friday I was delighted to be invited to attend the opening of the new pontoons at Girvan Harbour.

It is hoped that these new pontoons will result in more people coming to visit this part of the world. A harbour is a very important place because it provides somewhere where those people who use the sea can go to for a rest, before continuing their journey or venturing out onto the sea once more. Harbours are sometimes called havens.

Most people have a haven - a ‘little bit of heaven on earth’. It is usually their home and most of us need a place to spend time in and rest at the end of a busy day- to refresh ourselves and to prepare for another day. There are some people who see the church as a haven. As a place away from the busy everyday world. A place where they spend some time in thinking about all the cares of day to day existence.

However a church should not be seen as a place to escape to. Yes it can most definitely be seen as a place to go to in order to prepare yourself for the coming week. A place to go to in order to fathom out what God wants you to do in the week ahead.

Yes it can be seen as a place where you can regain your strength. Going to church should help people to prepare themselves for dealing with life and its challenges. But it should never be seen as a place where you can keep away from the world’s concerns.

Jesus came into the world to help his followers to cope with life’s problems. He did not come to help them to hide away from the needs of others.