Thought for the week

Last week in Scotland many young people received their examination results.

It was wonderful to learn that the results this year were better than ever before. Therefore many congratulations to all the young people and their teachers whose hard work and dedication has really paid off.

It means that many students will have received the grades which they needed, in order to secure the college or university place that they wanted.

They will be excited about the future and will be eagerly looking forward to this new chapter in their lives.

And to their next set of examination results! Unfortunately there will be a few who will have been disappointed by their results. I know that when I was sitting examinations I did not always do as well as I hoped that I would do. When that happened, it meant that I had to rethink my future plans in the light of my limited successes. Sometimes our plans for the future work out as we have imagined them. But sometimes we have to rethink our goals. The reality is that it is very rare in this life for someone to always achieve everything that they have set out to achieve and that coping with disappointments along the way, is something that we have to learn to deal with.

It is important that we are able to celebrate our successes and also the successes of other people – especially those closest to us. But it is also vital that we realise that all of us will have many successes in our lives and it is never good to be jealous of the successes of others. God has given us all talents and things we are good at. It is up to us to ensure that we always try our best.