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It seems to me that at the moment Coronation Street is dealing with some important religious/moral issues.

One of them concerns Craig, Beth’s son, who has a guilty conscience.

The young man thinks that the lighted cigarette that he threw away in haste, caused the fire at the Rovers’ Return which cost the lives of two people. He has finally confessed to Karl - whom the audience knows is the true guilty party. Karl is trying his best to get Craig to forget all about it.

But Craig’s conscience is bothering him and he feels that he deserves to be punished. Confession is something that most churches encourage their followers to engage in – either through the confessional or by saying prayers of confession. It is commonly accepted that many people feel guilty about various things – some of which are not always their fault.

It often helps people if they have an outlet for these feelings of guilt – perhaps expressing them to a sympathetic listener who can often encourage them to deal with them in such a way that will give them peace of mind. One of the great things about the Christian God is that He is a forgiving God.

If human beings were prepared to come to Him and admit the wrong things that they have done in the past, then He will forgive them. Sometimes sadly people feel that while other people might forgive them, they can find it hard to forgive themselves. But it is vital that people do forgive themselves for the mistakes of their past. That they deal with them and then move on. One hopes that Craig will find out the truth in the end, that Karl will be found out and that Craig will get the peace of mind that he needs.