Thought for the week

On every Sunday of the year, there is always a service held in all three of my churches. This allows everyone who wants to, the opportunity of worshipping God.

Occasionally there are special services which mark particular occasions in Jesus’ life - most notably Christmas and Easter.

The special Sundays which mark these occasions are the same throughout Britain. However when it comes to Harvest Thanksgiving, when that special service is held, very much depends on a particular congregation.

This coming Sunday in two of my churches – Girvan South and Barr – we will be holding a special service to mark the successful bringing in of the Harvest.

Interestingly enough, most religions have some form of harvest thanksgiving service. This is because most people recognise how important the gathering in of a good harvest is.

If, in any given year, the harvest in a country is poor, then it usually means that food will become more expensive and that there will be less of it around.

We here are very fortunate in that there should be no reason why we should not be able to have not only all the food we need – but also the right quality of food as well.

But not all countries are so fortunate. In Britain recently there has been a rise in the number of Food Banks – which help people at difficult times in their lives. Hearing about the necessity for Food Banks, tends to make us more appreciative of the food we personally have at our disposal.

At the heart of the Harvest Thanksgiving Festival is an acknowledgement of how fortunate we truly are – and how we only enjoy all the good things we do enjoy, because of God’s generosity to us.

A generosity which we should reciprocate towards others.