Thought for the week

There are hundreds and hundreds of different creatures in the world including mammals, birds, reptiles, fish and insects.

Like most people I am fascinated by the natural world.

I enjoy watching programmes which enlighten us about the different creatures who share our planet with us.

I marvel at the variety of different creatures that there are on planet earth and I am delighted when I learn that new species of animals are still being discovered nowadays. As they are our fellow planet dwellers, I feel that it is only right that we should know something about them and the way they live their lives. I think that the more people learn about the natural world, the more they will appreciate this world which is our home and the more they might dismiss the notion that this world could have ever come about merely by accident.

When one learns how it all works, one is lead inevitably, I feel, to the conclusion that the world was created by a power greater than we could possibly imagine - whom we call God.

I am very supportive of conservation and it greatly saddens me that some of the animals that are currently on our planet might not be there in a hundred years, if human beings don’t look after them properly. I have always viewed animals as being important, because God made each and every one of them, as reported in the book of Genesis.

Jesus also talked of God knowing when a little sparrow dies. Seeing a picture of a dodo, I regret the fact that I will never be able to see a living one. Why? Because of the selfishness of a group of human beings who failed to recognise the uniqueness of these fascinating birds.