Thought for the week

Around this time of year many of the villages have their Gala Days.

These special events are seen as not just important to those people living in the villages that are holding them, but also to all the visitors who decide to join in the celebrations. However these events do not just happen and require a great deal of careful planning before the Gala Day dawns.

This means that a large number of people are usually involved in deciding what is going to happen on the day and making sure these plans are carried out.

I was delighted when I learned that Dailly was going to have a Gala Day this year. I was fortunate in being able to attend some of it last Saturday, and I was very impressed by the event and pleased that it was such a big success. Gala Days are great opportunities for members of a community to work together on a project - an event to which all members of the community and their families and friends can attend and enjoy. However sadly some members of the general public can go to some event be it a Flower Show, a dramatic production, a musical performance or a Sale of Work and take for granted all the hard work that has gone into making the event a reality. Events such as these do not just happen.

They need people willing to give up some of their free time so that the event can take place. For events to continue to be held they also need people to attend them. Unfortunately human beings can on occasions take other people’s work for granted. Human beings can also sadly often take for granted all that God has done for us and given us, down through the years. Rev. Ian McLachlan