Thought for the week- A good leader should inspire

Over the past few weeks we have heard the word ‘leader’ used quite a lot. So I wonder – what makes a good leader?

Some people might say that a good leader is someone who is incredible talented with a range of skills at his/her disposal. Someone who has clear ideas of what he/she wants to happen; but who is prepared to listen to other people and to sometimes rethink his/her strategies in the light of changing situations.

A good leader should be someone who inspires people, encouraging them to get involved and to use their own special talents as much as possible. A good leader is also someone who is prepared to lead by example and to put his/her people first before his/her own personal ambitions. In Old Testament times, the Israelites asked the prophet Samuel if they could have a King, like the other groups of people. Samuel was not very happy about this, because he felt that the only leader the people needed was God. They were his chosen people and he would look after them.

However eventually God allowed his people to have a King and their first king was Saul. Unfortunately as time went on Saul proved to be something of a disappointment.

His successor was King David, who was regarded as probably the Israelites’ greatest King. However David had his weaknesses too and Nathan, God’s prophet was not slow at pointing out David’s great sin. David’s son Solomon, despite his great wisdom, was not without his faults too!

The only Leader in the Bible who was perfect was Jesus. He was not a King or a political leader but he was the most important leader to ever walk the earth and he demonstrated how important his people were to him, by sacrificing himself for them.