Thought for the Week- A parable to think on today

Once there were four people all of whom wanted to read a book.

The first one started to read the book but after a few pages decided that some of the ideas in the book were rather challenging.

He felt that the book wanted him to address some important questions that would be difficult for him and that it would be a lot easier for him if he forgot the book had ever existed.

The second person got quite interested after reading the first few chapters and thought that this book would really change her life for the better. However when she found that she had other demands on her time, she decided to devote her time to these instead and so she soon forgot all about the book.

The third person read through a number of chapters on a regular basis each day and found the book helpful and meaningful.

However one night something else took up the time he usually devoted to reading his book.

He thought that it did not matter as he would get back to the book the next day. However unfortunately he failed to and when he got back to picking up the book again, many weeks had passed.

He had lost the thread of the book and he decided that it would be too much effort to go back over what he had previously read and so the book was never finished.

The fourth person read the book a bit at a time, day by day. She reflected on what she had read and went back the following day to read some more. Over time she managed to finish the whole book. And it changed her life for the better forever. And the book was called … ?