Thought for the week- Appreciate God’s gifts

Over the past two Sundays we have been celebrating Harvest Thanksgiving in our three linked churches.

Each of the churches was specially decorated for the occasion – something that must have taken the various decorators some time to complete. However their work was put to effective use and as a result the churches all looked extra special.

Everybody who was there I feel sure really appreciated all the effort that had gone into making this happen. But then that is very appropriate, asthis particular season of the year is a time for all us to acknowledge and appreciate all the good gifts that God gives us each and every day.

But the Harvest Thanksgiving Service is also a time for us all to stop and consider the fact that we are only able to enjoy all the foods that we do, because of all the work that has had to go on beforehand, in order to enable things to run smoothly. A large number of people are involved in the production of food from the ground to our dinner tables. Often we take these kind of things for granted, but without the labour of so many people, in so many different parts of the world, we would not be able enjoy the huge variety of different kinds of food that we can purchase today.

If you have time, it would be enlightening to discover just how many different countries have been involved in the production of the food that we have stored in our kitchen cupboards. One of the interesting things about recent times, is that so many foods which were once only thought suitable to be consumed at certain times of the year or on special occasions, are now part of many people’s regular diets.