Thought for the Week- Be grateful to God for the good life he has given

By this time I suppose many of you will have taken your summer holidays. Some of you will have gone away to some other part of Britain. Others will have gone on holiday to other parts of the world.

Some of you might have decided to stay at home. I hope that whatever you did with your free time you now feel that you made the right choice and enjoyed your summer holidays.

Probably some of you will still have your summer holiday to take and are hoping that when you get to where you have booked, that you will find it as good as you hoped you would. But if you have already had a summer holiday, was it a good one?

Many people will claim that it is the weather that really makes the difference. But interestingly enough while there are some people who might say that the weather was lovely and hot; there might be others on the same holiday who would claim that it was too warm for them.

Some people will say that it was a good holiday if they got an opportunity of participating in lots of interesting activities or if they learned lots of new things. For many people what makes a good holiday is having lots of good memories to take away from the holiday.

These usually involve spending quality time with other people whose company they enjoy.

For some people what a good holiday provides is lots of time spent reflecting on life and how you are going to spend your time when you return home. I think that you had a good holiday if you return from it feeling renewed and refreshed. And feeling grateful to God for the good life that he has given you!