Thought for the Week- Christmas goodwill all year round?

There is a famous Christmas song called The Twelve Days of Christmas. Does this mean that the Christmas season lasts for twelve days – or is it longer?

When does the Christmas season start and end?

It seems that nobody is sure any more. Girvan had its street decorations put up in November and I know that some inhabitants have already put up their own decorations.

Does this mean that the Christmas season is already upon us – or is up to everybody to decide for themselves when to start celebrating Christmas?

Many people say that Christmas seems to be starting earlier and earlier every year.

But why is that and what does it say about our view of Christmas? Most religions have festivals.

Some of them last for a specified number of days such as the Jewish festival of Hannukah.

However can we say how long the Christmas season is nowadays? And the strange thing is that while Christmas seems to be lasting longer, fewer people seem to be spending time in church celebrating the very reason for Christmas’ existence – the birth of the baby Jesus.

Obviously people who are selling Christmas products are keen that the shelf life of their products is as long as it can possibly be.

But why do so many other people want to extend Christmas for as long as they possibly can?

Is it because Christmas can be such a wonderful time. A time when people make a real effort to connect with family and friends and have an enjoyable time.

A time when with the festive lights and all the decorations everywhere looks that much better.

A time when the message of ‘Peace On Earth, Goodwill to All’ is one which we all hope could become a reality for all time.