Thought for the Week- Christmas is about helping others

There are two singles which have recently been released in the run up to Christmas – both of them featuring stars from the entertainment world coming together to record a song to raise money for charity.

After all, is this time of year not partly about helping others? The first one was the choir put together by Gareth Malone to raise funds for Children In Need.

Then on Sunday night on the X Factor Results Show, the new Band Aid 30 single was unveiled. This fourth version of Do They Know Its Christmas? was released some thirty years after the Boomtown Rats front man, Bob Geldof, decided to do something for the starving people of Ethiopia.

As a musician, he decided to put his talent to good use and release a song, along with some of his fellow musicians, where all the profits would go to help starving people in Africa. The charity song was re-released with new participants in 1989 and 2004. What prompted this new version was Sir Bob seeing a nurse wiping a tear from a child who had Ebola.

Sadly shortly afterwards, both child and nurse passed away. The lyrics have been slightly changed this time and most of the participants are new. But once again the idea is to raise funds to improve the lives of others.

In a very short time a million pounds was raised. Although such means of raising money for charity have their critics, the reviving of Band Aid has created great media interest, which inevitably means that more people are aware of the dreadful problem of Ebola.

What is important now is the finding of a solution to the current problem and hopefully as many people as possible will decide to do what they personally can to help out