Thought for the week- Christmas was the just the beginning of Jesus

You will probably have recently put away your Christmas decorations. I always feel rather sad when I do that, realising that it will be almost twelve months before I will need them again.

There are some things that we keep in our houses that we use most days, such as our televisions, our cookers, our chairs and so on. But there are some things that we have in our homes that we use only occasionally, but which we feel we need to keep.

Most of us decide hold onto our Christmas decorations and perhaps replace only the odd item from year to year. I doubt that there are many people who completely replace their decorations every year, because it would be rather expensive to do so and we would feel that we would not be getting the best use out of them.

But what about this festive season itself? Many of us will have spent some time reflecting on the religious meaning of the season at some point during the festivities.

Will we leave it there or will we follow up on our thinking?

While there are many people who know the events of the Christmas story very well, they perhaps are not as well versed on what happened to Jesus in the years after his return from Egypt and what he did during his mission to the world.

The next big Christian festival will be Easter, which will concentrate on the last few days of Jesus’ life and his resurrection.

However a great many interesting things happened to Jesus between the events of Christmas and Easter.

And to fully understand Jesus and his legacy, one needs to know something of these momentous events. The first Christmas was just the beginning of the life of Jesus.