Thought for the Week- Decisions should be for the right reasons

As I write this, the result of the Greek referendum is known. But what is going to happen to Greece in the future and how what happens there will affect the rest of Europe and perhaps the world, remains to be seen.

We all hope and pray that things will work out well for everybody concerned in the end. The future remains very much an unknown territory both as regards world events and also when it comes to how our own lives will unfold.

There might be some people who are of the view that the future has already been written, which might explain ‘deja vu’ to them. However I have never accepted that viewpoint; believing instead that at any given moment we all have various possible futures that we could find ourselves in – depending on the decisions that we and other people take.

It is therefore very important that the decisions that we do take, are taken for the right reasons.

It is also important that whenever possible, we ensure that our decisions are not purely selfish ones.

We live in a world where we are very much interconnected; where decisions that are taken in one part of the world often have ramifications for other parts of the world.

One of the many things that religions agree on is the belief that we have responsibilities towards the other human beings who share this world with us.

Religions help to make us aware of the fact that this world has many human inhabitants in it, and all of them are special and need to be valued.

Religions teach that human beings thrive best when they do not only think of themselves but also remember to ensure that the needs of other human beings are met also.