Thought for the Week- Do Something Positive

There are some people who as soon as they know that something needs to be done, rush away and do it immediately.

They might even say that they could not settle down without first of all having done the work that they noticed needed doing. Perhaps it was a lightbulb that needed replacing. Perhaps it was some cups which had to be washed, dried and tided away. Perhaps it was some letter that had to be posted in time for the final uplift of the day.

Then there are other people who tend to put things off. They tend to wait until they feel that they are in the right frame of mind to begin working on what needs to be done.

Perhaps for them it is not something that they particularly enjoy doing. Or perhaps they feel that they have other work which is more urgent. I know when I have to complete a piece of paperwork, it might sometimes take almost as long to think about doing it, than it actually takes me to complete the work once I get started on it.

There are many people who tend to put off things that they have to do until the very last moment. How many people for example, leave the filling in of their tax forms until the deadline? I think that it would be a great idea if every so often people looked at their lives and asked themselves whether or not they were totally the way that they wanted them to be, or if there might be some improvements which they could make to them. Jesus when he was teaching encouraged his listeners to reflect on their present situations and then when they were found lacking, do something positive to make them better.