Thought for the Week- Effort is required to achieve our 2015 dreams

It is very difficult to believe that another year has ended and that as you read this, 2015 will be about to begin. For some of us, 2014 will have been a reasonably successful year.

We will have managed to have achieved much of what we set out to do. Some will have achieved more than they expected to. But for some of us, it will have been rather a disappointing year, when for a variety of reasons we will have failed to achieve some of our goals.

And for others still, the year will have contained a mixture of successes and disappointments. Some of the decisions that we have made during 2014 will have ramifications for this New Year. But the important thing to remember is that 2015 is just beginning and that it holds within it many possibilities. God gave us all freewill – the ability to make our own decisions.

Hopefully we use this gift wisely. Surely we will all have some fond memories from 2014 because it is unlikely that this year will have been all good or all bad for us. As a new year begins, we tend to make our plans. Perhaps we have decided that we will make a number of New Year Resolutions. Perhaps we will have decided that there are certain new skills that we would like to develop this year and certain old habits that we would want to discard. Most people look to a new year with a renewed sense of hope.

With a feeling that perhaps some ‘good’ or ‘better times’ are coming. But the thing is, that if we want our lives to really be better, then we are going to have to put in rather more effort to achieve it.