Thought for the Week- Enjoy these special days

The year 2015 is made up of 365 days. Some of these days will be very ordinary.

There will be days which we will live through doing our usual activities, without thinking too much about them.

Then there will be other days in the year which will end up being special days, because something pleasant happens in them which is unexpected.

Then there will be the special days which we know about beforehand which will be a little different from the norm and which we may have been looking forward to for some time and which we hope that we will enjoy. Usually one of the great things about these special days is that we will get an opportunity of spending them with the people whom we are closest to. For these days to be successful though, it usually means that we will have to spend a lot of time preparing for them.

For most people these special days will include Christmas, Easter, birthdays and anniversaries. In a few days it will be the fourteenth of February – which will be a special day for many people.

Why? Because it is St. Valentine’s Day – a day on which the emphasis is on ‘love’ and on that special person in one’s life.

St. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity many people take to do something extra special for their partner - such as taking them out for a nice meal; sending them a card or giving them a gift. It is always important to show people how much we appreciate them.

It is never a good idea to take anyone for granted - especially a partner. However there are many other people who help us and whom we can show our appreciation of, in any of the 365 days of the year.