Thought for the week - God did not create us to be lonely

Many people still enjoy listening to the radio. It used to be thought that with the advance of television there would come a time when radio might become a thing of the past.

However that has not happened and many people will listen to the radio at some point during the day. Sometimes it is to hear the news. Sometimes it is to listen to some music while they are busy doing something else such as the housework. Then there are some people who enjoy waking up to a radio programme or listening to a radio show as they slowly fall asleep. Some people prefer to listen to music while they are reading a book rather than maintaining a library silence. Radio is seen as providing good company for people. A few days ago one of the greatest radio broadcasters of them all sadly passed away. For many people Terry Wogan’s voice was one of the friendliest voices on the radio.

Someone who eagerly welcomed you into his rather surreal world. Over the years he will have provided some much needed company for thousands of people. One of the things that has been said of him is that if you met him in person he was exactly how you imagined him to be. It is sad that there are communities today where some people do not know who their neighbours are. God did not create human beings to be lonely. Rather he created them to be willing to spend time with one another.

By Rev. Ian McLachlan