Thought for the Week- God Made an amazing universe for us

I am sure that nowadays there are some young people who are encouraged to watch certain old TV programmes that their parents have bought on DVD on the pretext that, as they had enjoyed them ‘as children’, then hopefully their children would too.

When it is reported that a much loved television favourite is being remade for a ‘new generation’, there are inevitably moans and groans as how this ‘new version’ will never be as good as the ‘old one’ and will spoil people’s memories. However whenever I hear about a remake I remain hopeful.

After all, if the new version is popular, then perhaps after enjoying it, some viewers might seek out the original as well, thereby extending its life. For me the new version will not supplant the old version, as both exist and anyone can choose which one – if any – they prefer. Similarly, just because new hymns are available it does not necessarily mean that the older hymns will stop being sung.

I was intrigued when I discovered that there was going to be a new version of the Smallfilms series, Clangers, about a close family of friendly and inquisitive creatures who live on a planet far away.

Having seen a week of episodes, I have greatly enjoyed them. The new version respects its heritage but also offers something original in addition. The programme works on various levels and has something for all ages. It encourages the viewer to regard the universe as a wonderful, joyful, mysterious place, where every lifeform is needed and has an important role to play in its wellbeing. God made an amazing universe for us to live in. A universe that we can partly understand through our faith, but which will always have some mysterious aspects to it.