Thought for the Week- God will forgive past sins

What if anything, are you afraid of? Some people might say spiders, or enclosed spaces, or heights. These are some of the specific things that give people cause for worry or concern.

Other people might say that they are afraid of losing all their money; or losing someone close to them; or losing their job, or losing their health.

There are some people who might say that they were afraid of growing old and not being able to do some of the things that they used to be able to do.

Some people might say that they were afraid of the future and what it might bring them. There are some people who are prepared to admit those fears to those who are closest to them.

While there are other people who would never admit to anybody that there were afraid of anything. Fear often comes about when we imagine something not very pleasant possibly happening to us in the future.

But being afraid of something can sometimes prove to be beneficial, if it results in us not doing something which might be potentially dangerous to ourselves or to somebody else.

Sometimes people are able, with help, to ‘overcome their fears’ and that can be a really fantastic if it means that there are no longer things which hold them back from achieving what they really want to achieve in their lives. Jesus came into the world to allay people’s fears about this life and the next.

While there were difficulties to be overcome they could be, if they had faith in Him. He stressed how much God loved them and would look after them.

And God would forgive them their past sins if they asked Him to.