Thought for the Week- God would like us to discover

Can you ever fill your mind with too much knowledge? There are some people who are thirsty for knowledge and who want to find out as much about the world as they can.

Long ago people felt that it would be possible to know everything that there was to know about the world. But nowadays we realise that nobody can in actual fact know everything about everything. The reason that so few people won the top prize on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? was because not many people know a lot about a large number of subjects.

Most people are interested in a few subjects and just because someone knows a great deal about geography, does not mean that they necessarily know a great deal about popular culture.

Does it matter what knowledge we choose to acquire? Some people would say that in order to have a reasonable life then you do need to have a good general knowledge.

We can be rather surprised when we discover that someone does not know something that we think everyone should know.

Some people might claim that nowadays we do not need to carry a huge amount of factual information in our heads, as we have the internet now to ‘look things up.’

To some educationalists the important thing to do, is to gain as many different skills as possible, in addition to knowing various facts.

One fact is clear, and that is that we live in a fascinating world. A world in which we can learn new things every day of our lives.

I feel certain that the God who made everything that is in the world, would like us to discover as much as we possibly can about that world and what it contains.