Thought for the Week- Greater connection to God’s creation

At this time of the year many of our villages arrange Gala Days. And many of our churches arrange Fetes.

These events do not just happen, but take many hours of planning. Many people are involved and they usually appreciate the chance of working with others to not only raise money for good causes but also to provide others with a good day out.

Gala Days and Fetes tend to have something for everybody and they are invariably events in the year that are eagerly looked forward to. While some parts of the events can take place indoors, usually there are other parts which take place outside. Invariably this means that people hope that it will be nice and sunny on the day.

But of course there can be no guarantees. Sometimes unfortunately last minute rearrangements have to be made if the weather becomes somewhat inclement. Over the years I have been fortunate in being asked to conduct several weddings. I have very much enjoyed all of them and while most were held inside there were some which were held outside.

I sometimes get the feeling that there are some people who particularly like it if they can hold social events out-of-doors rather than inside. Why would that be? Is it because we spend so much of our day to day lives inside, that we are grateful for the opportunity of spending time out-of- doors? Is it because we are told that ‘fresh air’ is good for us and we feel better when we are enjoying the ‘fresh air?’ Or is it just that being outside means that we feel a greater connection to God’s beautiful created world? I wonder how many of us would spend more time in the open air if we could…