Thought for the Week- Jesus made the first move

Not all the churches in the world are made of the same materials, or are the same shape, or have the same furniture in them. Some churches have plain windows.

Other churches have stained glass windows. As I have always liked stained glass windows, I am very fortunate in that our church in Dailly has a number of them. While one of them is very modern, the others come from various different eras.

Some of them were gifted in order to commemorate the life of someone who was connected to the church. Many stained glass windows depict scenes from the Bible and they can provide a means of helping people to reflect on some Biblical event as they wait for a service to begin.

To me, stained glass windows are rather special in that they are produced by human beings using their God-given talents. Many of the most beautiful pieces of art that we have in our country were inspired by the faith of the people who produced them. Religion and art are very closely connected with each other, as are religion and music.

My favourite stained glass window in Dailly Church is the one by Holman Hunt. It shows Jesus standing by a door of a building which is overgrown.

Jesus is ready to knock at the door, but the only way that the door can be opened is if the people inside are prepared to let him into their lives. Jesus made the first move by his great sacrifice for us. It is up to everyone whether they do respond positively to that. There are beautiful churches all over the country. But they are at their best when they are busy, because people have come there to thank God for all that He has done for them.