Thought for the week - Not just this day to praise God and Mum

This coming Sunday will be a special day for many people, as they celebrate Mothering Sunday.

This Sunday used to be all about young people returning from their jobs far away from home to their ‘mother church’, to worship God in the place where they grew up.

However nowadays most people look on it as being an opportunity to say ‘Thank you’ to their mothers.

While every Sunday is called the ‘Lord’s Day’, we should not restrict our worship of God to only that day but extend it to the rest of the week also.

Similarly we should show our gratitude to our mothers throughout the year and not only on this one special day.

However by highlighting this one day of the year, as a day on which we should give special consideration to mothers, hopefully it will help everyone to appreciate all that mothers do, not just for us personally, but for our society as well.

It is said by many people that one of the most rewarding things in life to do, is to bring up the next generation. And yet we sadly often fail to give that role the kudos and respect that it deserves.

It is said that a parent’s love is unconditional – that they care for their young without expecting anything in return.

That is why God is seen by many people as being the Eternal Parent. He is the Being who loves us all unconditionally. It costs a lot to be an effective parent and parents are usually prepared to make big sacrifices for their young. Sacrifice is very much a theme during this time of year, when we get ready to remember the ultimate sacrifice that God made for us, through Jesus Christ, on that first Good Friday.