Thought for the Week- Perhaps the most valuable gift is time

This Sunday is Father’s Day. Father’s Day is the time of the year where people are encouraged to show their appreciation for all that their fathers have done for them.

It is good that what fathers do is recognised on this special day, in the same way that it is good that there is another special day in the year when people can show their appreciation for all that mothers do for their children.

People who have a father who is involved in their lives and who supports them, usually realise how fortunate they are.

While young people would say that they enjoy receiving presents from their fathers, most of them would probably admit that the most valuable present their father could give them, would be his time. While expensive presents are all very well, what people usually appreciate most is when other people make sacrifices for them, so that their lives can be better.

Taking on the role of a parent inevitably means that sacrifices are going to have to be made along the way.

Once someone becomes a parent, they realise that the needs of their children are going to have to come first.

The role of the father was a very important one in the time of Jesus. Jesus talked about fathers in his teaching and preaching. Jesus told his followers that they should view God as their Heavenly Father. Good human fathers have some of the qualities that we ascribe to God. God looks after and cares for all of us. God is interested in how we spend our time. God provides for our needs on a daily basis. God encourages us to make the most of our lives.

God is willing to forgive us if we ask him to. God loves us all unconditionally.