Thought for the Week- Play active part in faith community

I wonder how many of you have received your first Christmas card.

And if so, did it come from the person who always sends you your first card or was it someone different this year?

Did receiving your first card suddenly make you realise that you should purchase some Christmas cards right away? Or did it make you promise to yourself that rather than watching another episode of a TV programme that you do not really like that much, you are finally going to write these cards you bought some time ago.

And when you finally decide to sit down to write them, do you see it as a job that is necessary but quite hard work?

Or do you like doing it, because it allows you the opportunity to reminisce about some people whom you have not necessarily seen in person for some time, but whom you have many happy memories of, from the time when they played a bigger part in your life than they do now. And after sending off that card does it make you think that you really must make an effort to meet up again sometime in the New Year?

And do you make the effort to do that?

And when you are a recipient of a card from someone whom you have not seen for ages, are you delighted by the fact that it must mean that you are still important to them?

The Christmas season is the time of the year when some people think seriously about the Christian faith and perhaps decide that they should play a more active part in their faith community.

But do they make that effort– or do they instead put off doing anything until at least that first Christmas card arrives the following year?