Thought for the Week- Put Jesus teaching into action

In most churches up and down the country there will be at least one service held there on a Sunday morning. These services are open to anybody who interested in attending.

There will be people there who are church members and who realise the importance of regular worship and who attend every Sunday of the year that they can.

There will be others who attend now and again. There will also be some people there who are on holiday and who want to worship somewhere on a Sunday morning.

Then there might be some people who are there to find out more about what Christianity is all about. There will be some people there who have been going regularly to church for years. And there will be others who will only recently have started attending.

Sunday services are events which anybody can attend and will be welcomed at.

While there are some churches which are very busy on Sundays with lots of people at them – there will be other churches which might only have a few worshippers at them.

Obviously for church members, the more people that attend their church then the happier they will be. The New Testament contains many occasions where Jesus preached to large crowds of people.

It was good that so many people were interested in what he had to say and who wanted to know more about what God required them to do. However what was the really important thing, was not just how many came to hear Jesus – but how many allowed his teaching to be a positive influence on how they chose to live their lives.

The same is true today. The important thing is encouraging people to do their best to put Jesus’ teaching into action in their day to day lives.