Thought for the week- Religions want to see people on the right track

I wonder how often you visit train stations? I have always rather enjoyed travelling by train as someone else is doing the difficult work! I find out online what time my train departs and what time it returns.

I tend to turn up some time before the train’s departure time because I wouldn’t want to miss it. But not so early that I have to endure a long wait. I have a clear idea where I want to go.

However if I am waiting for a train in a large station I often look at the board to see what other trains are available. And I sometimes wonder what it would be like to exchange my ticket for another ticket which could take me somewhere I have never been before. But I know that if I do that, then I would miss my appointment.

There are all these different routes which I could take – but don’t take because they will not lead me where I really want to go. I know that it can be really difficult if someone gets on the wrong train and they realise that they are not going in the direction they want to be going in.

And it can take some time to get back on track again. In life most people know what direction they want to take and what they want to achieve. And where they want to end up. But sometimes people can get misdirected and end up in the wrong direction.

Each religion is there to give people help with deciding where they want to go in life. Some religions – including Christianity – see this life as one of working towards the next life.

Religions want to see people keeping on the right track and reaching the right destination.