Thought for the week- Saint Andrew helped make life better

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Saint Andrew’s Day this year falls on a Sunday. Interestingly enough, although Andrew met Jesus before his brother, Simon Peter, it was Peter who went on to become the leader of Jesus’ main twelve disciples.

Andrew seems to have been quite happy with his brother being more prominent in Jesus’ mission than he was.

However, whenever Andrew is mentioned in the New Testament, it seems that he was involved in introducing new people to Jesus. Andrew was someone who recognised Jesus’ uniqueness.

He was delighted to be a disciple, and he wanted as many other people as possible to become followers too. Andrew’s name is not mentioned all that often in the New Testament, but it is mentioned specifically on more occasions than the names of some of the other twelve main disciples such as James the son of Alphaeus and Thaddeus. Wherever Jesus went, there were crowds of people who came to listen to his preaching and teaching.

They came because they responded positively to what He was saying. Jesus connected with people – because He talked about things that really mattered to them. We do not know the names of most of those people who made up the crowds that came to hear Him. We also do not know the names of all the people who have tried their best to be good disciples of Jesus down through the centuries. And yet each and every one of them has played an important part in passing on the good news of the gospel.

Not everyone who makes life better for those around them has their name, like Saint Andrew, recorded in the history books. But everyone who helps those around them has had a positive influence on their local community at that particular time.