Thought for the Week- Sometimes you need to have full proof

Sometimes people will say something like ‘I will only believe this or that if I have complete proof.’

However some of the most important decisions that people make involve them having to take a ‘leap of faith’ at some point, without having one hundred per cent proof.

The career we decide to embark on, might or might not be, the one for us.

Only time spent actually doing it, will determine whether or not we have made the right decision. We may believe a hundred per cent that the person that we marry is the right one for us. But the sad reality is that not everyone who makes their marriage vows remains married.

Whether someone believes something or not, largely depends on how much or how little evidence, they are prepared to accept, before coming to a decision.

The evening that Jesus was resurrected, he appeared to his disciples. However, for whatever reason, one of them was not there. And when the other disciples told Thomas that they had seen Jesus rise from the dead – Thomas sadly chose not to believe them.

It did not matter that the information was coming from ten of his closest friends, whom he had spent a long time with over the years – he still refused to believe them.

Thomas said he would only believe that Jesus was alive when he got to touch the scars made by the spears and the nails that hadpunctured Jesus’ body.

A week later, Thomas saw the resurrected Jesus for himself.

He had his evidence and was finally convinced that Jesus had returned from the dead. Jesus told him how happy those people were who believed in him without actually physically seeing him.

There are many millions of happy Christians in our world today.