Thought for the Week- Thanksgiving is a time to acknowledge God

People usually like receiving cards. There are numerous reasons why you might send someone a card.

Perhaps because it’s their birthday; because it’s their anniversary; because they are unwell and you hope that they get better; because they have done well in an exam; because they are moving houses or jobs; or – because it is Christmas. Even in this day of texts, email, Facebook and tweets, I feel there is still room for people to send each other cards. Why? Because sending a card to someone takes time and giving someone your time is one of the best gifts you can give them.

Most people like receiving a card with a personal message and a signature at the end of it. When someone has helped you out, it is good to acknowledge that fact.

And what better way to do that than to send them a Thank You card? Most people are delighted when they receive such a card because it means that their actions have been appreciated.

This Sunday in Girvan South Parish Church, it is our Harvest Thanksgiving Service - a very joyful occasion! It is our time to thank God for all the many gifts that He has given us over the past year – in particular the food that we have needed.

In such services, worshippers often bring along gifts as a way of acknowledging their gratitude for what they have received from God throughout the past year.

These gifts are then redistributed to parishioners who are invariably delighted to receive them. I wonder how often we remember to say ‘Thank you’ – to those who have helped us. And also how often have we remembered to also say ‘Thank you’ to God for everything that He has given us.