Thought for the Week- The accounts of Jesus’s life

If you want to know something about Jesus’ life and work, then the main place to go to is the Bible.

Within the Bible there are four gospels – which are four accounts of the life of Jesus. What these gospels focus on in the main is the ministry of Jesus. The time when Jesus went around the country preaching, teaching and healing people.

They all give accounts of the last days of Jesus’ life on earth, his crucifixion and his resurrection from the dead. Interestingly enough there is no description in any of the gospels as to what Jesus physically looked like. Only two of the gospels go into any detail about the events surrounding his birth.

And what was Jesus like when he was growing up? Only Luke records an incident from that time, and that was the occasion when Jesus was twelve and when he and his parents went to Jerusalem in order to celebrate the Passover Festival. However on the way back home to Nazareth, his parents discovered that Jesus was not with the rest of their group.

They returned to Jerusalem and after some time searching for him, they found him in the Temple, talking with the learned men about matters of religion. Jesus was surprised that they had not realised that he had to be spending time in his Father’s house.

Why was this incident included in Luke’s gospel? Most likely one of its purposes was to demonstrate that even as a young person, Jesus was preparing himself for his later mission to the world.

This section of the gospel goes on to state that Jesus was always obedient to his parents. And that he grew in wisdom, becoming someone who was pleasing to God and who gained the respect of his community.