Thought for the Week- The most important day of the year

Many Christians throughout the world are just now eagerly looking forward to what for them will be the most important day of the year.

There isn’t a lot to remind us of this important event, apart from the Easter cards and chocolate Easter eggs that are on display in some shops.

One of the things about Easter is that it is nothing like as commercialised as Christmas, that other important Christian festival. However Easter is the conclusion of the journey that began for Jesus at Christmas time when he was born.

Jesus was born to teach human beings what life was all about. He came into the world to show people how God expected them to behave – both towards God and also towards each other.

Jesus came into the world to show people that what should be important to them should be doing as much as they could to make the lives of those around them as good as they could possibly be. Before Jesus came, God had been sending his prophets to encourage his people to make the right decisions.

However sadly he found that so many people were not listening and so God decided that what he would have to do would be to come into the world himself, and demonstrate how people should behave.

While there were many people who listened to Jesus, there were many others who sadly did not.

And their hostility towards him ended up with him being crucified on a Cross on that first Good Friday. But that was not the end of Jesus.

He was resurrected on Easter morning, showing to his friends that death was not the end and that if they had faith, then a new life awaited them after their time here was over. Have a very Happy Easter.