Thought for the Week- The selfish behaviour of humans

Last week I was shocked to discover from a recent report, that the size of the animal population that was here in 1970 has been more than halved. This has been mainly due to human beings treating the planet in a selfish way.

But at a time like this, when on a regular basis we are hearing about terrible tragedies happening to human beings, should the dwindling animal population really matter to us? I believe that it does. I believe that you can be concerned both about the terrible human situations in various parts of the world as well as being concerned about what is happening to the animal population too.

In the same way that you can give both to charities at home and also to charities abroad. In the book of Genesis, it is reported that God gave human beings the responsibility of taking care of the world and its beings.

The world is not ours to do whatever we like with. We are only caretakers for a time, before we have to hand the world onto our descendants.

I was always taught that if you borrowed something – like a book from a library – then you had a duty to take extra special care of it, because it was a privilege to get a loan of it.

Hopefully each generation which has the responsibility for looking after planet earth, will not only take good care of it, but also endeavour to make things better overall for more people and other living beings – rather than leaving behind a broken and impoverished world.

Anyone who has enjoyed watching natural history programmes will recognise just what a wonderful, complex, diverse and beautiful world this is.

We have to ensure that we keep it that way.