Thought for the week: The wonders of creation - in 3D!

Recently I got the opportunity of viewing a 3D television set in operation. I was totally delighted and amazed by it.

I remember way back in the 1960s being very excited when I read that televisions of the future were not only going to show colour pictures, but three dimensional pictures too. Now there had been the occasion 3D film back then, but the whole phenomenon had not taken off in the way that was hoped that it would. A few years ago I thought that 3D had finally arrived and that television channels would regularly transmit in 3D.

Now although there are still some films being made that way and a variety of 3D blu-ray discs for sale.

Having seen wildlife and CGI films on a 3D television, I am amazed that it has not proved to be a total success.

I have since discovered that one of the main reasons for this, is that people have found the glasses that they have to wear rather cumbersome and that allied with the cost of most 3D sets, has restricted the appeal. I think that it a shame, as 3D technology to me, allows you a window on the world in a more lifelike and fascinating way. It is as if you were actually there, watching the wildlife close at hand. And I feel that anything which allows you to appreciate the beauty and wonder of God’s creation is, I think, something to truly celebrate.

Rev. Ian McLachlan