Thought for the week- The Working Week is different for us all


The ‘working week’ can be very different for different people. Some people work the same set hours every week – except for their holidays. Other people work for a few days on, and then a few days off.

They are some people who do not know how many hours they are going to be working in a given week. Sometimes that is because they are in control of their working week – at other times it is because their bosses are! Then there are some people whose week unfortunately consists of them spending all their time looking for a job.

There are some people who while in a job spend a good proportion of their time moaning about it. But when that job ends, they often remember all the things that they liked about their ex-job. Then there are other people who really enjoy their job. Why? Often it is because they feel fulfilled in it. Because they feel that the work that they do is appreciated and that they are doing something useful for other people. Some people are happy because they feel that they are being adequately rewarded for the work they do or because they very much enjoy the company of the people that they are working with. Most of us will spend a reasonably high proportion of our lives doing paid employment. Life is a lot better if we enjoy the work that we are doing. When people become a member of a faith community there is work to be done there too. People who become Christians endeavour to work for Jesus and his coming kingdom. They do that by serving God and by doing what they can to help others. Hopefully that work should always be enjoyable, useful and fulfilling.